Greene County Real Estate Information

Greene County, north of Ulster, is the choice for second home buyers who want a 4 season getaway, with downhill skiing. With very little rolling fields, Greene is the home of Windham and Hunter Mountains. Greene is the smallest and most mountainous of the primary Catskills counties, with development concentrated in the ski towns like Tannersville. This isn't the place to go for pastoral, rolling farmland. The north eastern part of the county is within commuting distance of Albany.

Situated north of Ulster, Greene County is the choice for buyers who want to experience the beauty of four seasons, and have complete access to the best downhill skiing in the Catskills. This county is home to the Windham and Hunter Mountains. While Greene is the smallest county, it is also the most mountainous, and much of its development is concentrated on ski towns like Tannersville. The northeastern section of this county is within community distance of Albany.