Delaware County Real Estate Information

Beyond the three hour circle from New York City, Delaware is the furthest major Catskills county. In spite of this, three hamlets in the eastern part of the county — Margaretville, Andes and Delhi — are becoming increasingly popular with second home buyers. Margaretville, a quaint country town, with traditional farmhouses and charming homes, is quickly emerging as the most popular. This popularity has caused home prices to rise, placing it on the same price tier as those closer to New York City.

The Margaretville-Andes area offers all the rural charm of western Sullivan and Delaware, but is closest to the downhill skiing available in Greene County. If looking for good downhill skiing, while still getting the peace and serenity of a country getaway, this is a fantastic place to start.

While the northern and western areas of Delaware County offer great property values, the availability of services, such as restaurants and markets, are lacking, which may be a deterrent to some buyers.